why we need beeline

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why we need beeline?
Dec 18, 2017 in Data Analytics by Learner

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As Hive development has shifted from the original Hive server (HiveServer1) to the new server (HiveServer2), users and developers accordingly need to switch to the new client tool. However, there’s more to this process than simply switching the executable name from “hive” to “beeline”.

HiveServer2 is a service which needs to be started manually. 

Beeline is a command line interface of hive server2 a new launched product of hive.

We do not have a ready document on beeline but we have tried to frame a answer for you and have sent some links which will help you in understanding the beeline.

In its original form, Apache Hive was a heavyweight command-line tool that accepted queries and executed them utilizing MapReduce. Later, the tool was split into a client-server model, in which HiveServer1 is the server (responsible for compiling and monitoring MapReduce jobs) and Hive CLI is the command-line interface (sends SQL to the server).

Recently, the Hive community introduced HiveServer2 which is an enhanced Hive server designed for multi-client concurrency and improved authentication that also provides better support for clients connecting through JDBC and ODBC.

Now HiveServer2, with Beeline as the command-line interface, is the recommended solution; HiveServer1 and Hive CLI are deprecated and the latter won’t even work with HiveServer2.

Please refer the below link which will give you a brief insight on beeline and its difference with hive.

Link: http://blog.cloudera.com/blog/2014/02/migrating-from-hive-cli-to-beeline-a-primer/

Link: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/Hive/HiveServer2+Clients

Hive Server 1:

Hive server is a server client model service

Allow users to connect using Hive CLI interface and uisng thrift client.

Support for remote client connection but only one client can connect at a time.

No session management support.

Because of thrift no concurrency control due to thrift API












Difference between hive and hive server 2:

The primary difference between the two involves how the clients connect to Hive. The Hive CLI connects directly to the Hive Driver and requires that Hive be installed on the same machine as the client. However, Beeline connects to HiveServer2 and does not require the installation of Hive libraries on the same machine as the client. Beeline is a thin client that also uses the Hive JDBC driver but instead executes queries through HiveServer2, which allows multiple concurrent client connections and supports authentication.

Cloudera's Sentry security is working through HiveServer2 and not HiveServer1 which is used by Hive CLI. So hive though the command-line will not follow the policy from Setry. According to the cloudera docs you should not use Hive CLI and WebHCat. Use beeline or impala-sell instead.

Please let us know if this helps or the issue is still there.

We're eagerly waiting for your response.

answered Dec 18, 2017 by Sudhir
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Remote we are connecting to hive with multiple connections.

Through Beeline we can connect to hive environment even we dont have the hive libraries.
answered Jul 24, 2020 by K. Raja Yasodhar

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