Python from Python: restricting functionality?

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I'm building a corporate web system in Python which allows scripts to be uploaded and run serverside. I'm using Python as it is a simple language to write the scripts in. However, there is a security hazard there, I want to block all function calls except a limited subset. Is there a mechanism I can use to do this, or some other technique? Do I need to use something else like Lua?

Please help me with this.
Jun 24 in Python by ana1504.k
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This doesn't seem like a good idea but you can try the following:

You could sanitize a string that contains the Python code (and by sanitize I mean you need to do like a few hundred malicious unit tests and heavily test that the sanitation is adequate) with RegEx to only match the function calls you want and then call eval() on the string.
answered Jun 24 by SDeb
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