How i can send Bulk email from AWS

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How i can send Bulk email from AWS ?  Please required Step by Step guide
Jun 20, 2019 in AWS by chandresh
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Hey @Chanresh, You can use Amazon's Simple Email Service(SES) for this purpose. It is an email sending service that lets you send bulk emails using templates. This helps digital marketers. It's very reliable and cost-effective. 

Have a look at this blog, which explains the entire process steps by step.

answered Jun 20, 2019 by Kalgi
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Sending bulk emails is no easy task. Probably more than 1000 emails per day. I think you are in for email marketing to increase your sales or promote your products. You asked the right person, I know that some methods can also send bulk or unlimited emails. What I am going to recommend is the best approach.

We can send bulk emails with the help of this tool created by the professional team idealSMTP. Which is a super bulk email sender. It can send bulk emails fast and get clear data for you. What's more, If you are doing Email Marketing. It can also search hundreds of email addresses for you on any website. this is insane !!

In addition, it can preheat to send accounts and improve your inbox rate by over 90%, it has a lot of email templates if you don't know what to write. This can be a good helper.

In just a few seconds, it can send unlimited emails. Trust me, this is the best option ever.
click 👉 best bulk email service provider

answered Feb 8, 2021 by akshusingh
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