Mypy with dynamic typing example

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Can you please give me an example of Mypy dynamic typing? Thank you
Jun 7, 2019 in Python by Trisha

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Have a look at this example that prints the frequency of a word in a file:

import sys
import re

if not sys.argv[1:]:
    raise RuntimeError('Usage: wordfreq FILE')

d = {}

with open(sys.argv[1]) as f:
    for s in f:
        for word in re.sub('\W', ' ', s).split():
            d[word] = d.get(word, 0) + 1

# Use list comprehension
l = [(freq, word) for word, freq in d.items()]

for freq, word in sorted(l):
    print('%-6d %s' % (freq, word))
answered Jun 7, 2019 by Althia

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