Linux: Using grep to display filenames

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Is there any way I can use grep just to show the filenames and not anything else. I'm trying this:

find . -iname "*php" -exec grep -H myString {} \;

Do I have to use xargs cause I cannot find anything related to grep to do this?

May 24 in Linux Administration by Damon Salvatore
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You need t use -l flag with grep(lowercase L). From Unix Docs:

    (The letter ell.) Write only the names of files containing selected
    lines to standard output. Pathnames are written once per file searched.
    If the standard input is searched, a pathname of (standard input) will
    be written, in the POSIX locale. In other locales, standard input may be
    replaced by something more appropriate in those locales.
answered May 24 by ajs3033
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