Should a class file always be inside package for importing it in jsp page

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I am new to Java and learning to work with JSP. I created a class inside student package, when I import it code worked successfully. But when I omitted the package and place the class "Student" directly in WEB-INF/classes folder, I got an error saying 

Student cannot be resolved to a type. 

I searched alot but did not find any reasonable answer. However, I solved the problem by putting this class inside package, but want to know that is this necessary that class should exist inside package. Thank You

May 24, 2019 in Java by anonymous

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Hey there!

It is not necessary for the class to be inside the package if you have you mentioned to import the class in your JSP file. Example:

<%@ page import "com.example.Student" %>

But if you have not, then it is necessary for the class to be placed inside the package.

answered May 24, 2019 by Karan

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