Tkinter to android translation

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I am working on a tkinter program that just uses Event, Button and Label objects. I would like to translate this to be usable on an android platform. Can anyone answer the following queries:

1) What python for android should I use? QPython, py4a?

2) And on that platform, what GUI module should I use?

I'd like a little bit of detail for why you think a specific module or app would be best, as I'm just getting into the android scene and want to make an intelligent jump.
May 22 in Python by ana1504.k
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Even for native purposes, most developers would advise you keep away from Tkinter. It's a dated and unintuitive library that often makes GUI creation and maintenance harder than it needs to be.

The main advantage of developing apps using a Python library and embedding in Android is cross-platform support. These libraries will often allow you to port your app with ease to many different operating systems.

answered May 22 by SDeb
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