Difference between a normal def defined function and lambda function in python

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Can you please show the difference between a normal def defined function and lambda function in python?

May 20, 2019 in Python by Aishwarya

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Have a look at this code:

# Python code to illustrate cube of a number 
# showing difference between def() and lambda(). 
def cube(y): 
return y*y*y; 
g = lambda x: x*x*x 



Without using Lambda: Here, both of them returns the cube of a given number. But, while using def, we needed to define a function with a name cube and needed to pass a value to it. After execution, we also needed to return the result from where the function was called using the return keyword.

Using Lambda: Lambda definition does not include a “return” statement, it always contains an expression which is returned. We can also put a lambda definition anywhere a function is expected, and we don’t have to assign it to a variable at all. This is the simplicity of lambda functions.

answered May 20, 2019 by Trisha

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