How to navigate to a web URL using IE driver in Python Selenium?

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How to navigate to a web URL using IE driver in Selenium Webdriver?
May 15 in Selenium by Neelam

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Hello Neelam, to navigate to a web URL using Internet Explorer in Python Selenium, you can use following lines of code:

1. First register your IE driver to connect with IE browser:

drv = webdriver.Ie(r"C:\Users\Abha_Rathour\Downloads\ExtractedFiles\IEDriverServer_x64_3.14.0\IEDriverServer.exe")

2. Next, add an implicitly_wait(time_in_seconds) to let the browser wait for some time. Its an optional step, but highly recommened as this allows web pages to completely:


3. Again, this step is option and is used only to open your browser window in fullscreen:


4. Finally, use get() method to navigate to the web URL:

answered May 15 by Pratibha
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