Tkinter error tkinter TclError bad geometry specifier

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I am trying to change the size of Tkinter window with the following line


but I am getting this error:

_tkinter.TclError: bad geometry specifier "500*500"
May 9, 2019 in Python by Esha

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You have to use the character ‘x’ instead of ‘*’ to indicate multiplication. This should work:

answered May 9, 2019 by Tina
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Hey @Rohit Vishwakarma, Thanks for your contribution!

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Try 265*125 config, because only certain configs work
answered Jul 21, 2019 by anonymous
Thanks. Is it like there are pre-defined sizes to be used?
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again it is giving same error while using x
answered Jul 5, 2020 by mayank tyagi

Hi, @Mayank,

Could you please post your error here so that it will be easy for me to investigate further.

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you should use x instead of *.

This will work
answered Aug 23, 2020 by Brijal Kansara
Same, It says return'wm', 'geometry', self._w, newGeometry)
_tkinter.TclError: bad geometry specifier "300 x 250"

Hello @Marck,

You might have leave space in "300 x 250". This should be:


Also make sure X needs to be lowercased and make sure you import tkinter.

If above doesn't work share your code so that I can identify what is wrong in your code.

Hope it helps!!

Thank You!!

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Hey i got solution for this here insted of    * and multipliaction sign we have to use x(i.e alphabate x ) do not use multiplication sign alphabate x is used here
answered Dec 12, 2020 by Swapnil suresh shinde
yes it is working

thank u

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