If you could change something about your last job, what it would be?

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I have 5 years of experience and went for an interview where the interviewer asked me "If you could change something about your last job, what it would be? My reason for not staying in my previous company was, I was not that much growth according to my knowledge. So, if anyone answer this question will be helpful.

May 6 in Career Counselling by disha

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In any interview sessions, you might come through this kind of questions, where they would like to check how well you know about your company terms. If you know anything needs to change in your last company, you can add, regarding growth in projects, communicating way with other employees, work culture among the higher authority and other employees in the office. You should give this answer just to show that this can be implemented. Do not put your answer in such a way that it looks like you are insulting your previous company. It can be worse rather. Choose your words before answering.

answered May 6 by Gitika
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