How to succeed in a telephonic interview?

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I am a final year B-tech student, I have given one interview in a very well established company. I have crossed all technical and face to face rounds. Now they asked me for a telephonic round with the higher authority in that firm. Can anyone please help me out, what and how should I prepare for this?

Apr 23 in Career Counselling by amrita

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Now-a-days several companies conduct a telephonic interview, to shortlist candidates before providing their joining letter. 

There are some points, which you need to keep it in mind to crack any telephonic interview:-

Choose a good place:- Companies generally tell you in advance when they will be calling. Choose a room where you can speak without any disruption. Shut out other noises like TV, radio and etc. Ask your family members not to interrupt you, when the interview is in progress.

Keep documents handy:- Get a copy of your resume and keep a pen and paper to take down some notes. You could even keep your laptop on in case you need to refer to the internet. But take care that you don't make any loud noise at the key of your computer.

Be a good listener:- Be very attentive when your interviewer is asking or telling you something. Don't rush to answer, before he finishes up his question. 

Be in a positive frame of mind:- Though the interviewer cannot see you, it is not difficult to sense your mood via telephone. But be enthusiastic and clear with your thoughts and answer, because it will reflect in your voice.

Do not bring up salary:- The time you opt for that job, it should be clear in your mind that you want this company or not. While the conversation is not face to face, do not come up with salary discussion over telephonic session. It may hamper your hiring process.

Say Thank You:- Do not forget to say thank you, even if the interview has gone badly. It will show your respect for the person and the company.

I hope you prepare well for you interview. All the best.

answered Apr 23 by Gitika
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