How do I create a relationship between list of suppliers and a single order in Hyperledger Composer

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I have a transaction OrderPlace which takes list of supplier as input and creates an order.

transaction OrderPlace 

        o String orderId
        --> Consumer consume
        o OrderDetails details
        --> Supplier[] supply
        --> Commodity com1

The order is an asset having list of suppliers

asset Order identified by orderId {
    o String orderId
    o String orderName optional
    o OrderState state
    o OrderDetails details
    --> SupplyOrder[] OrderSupply
    --> Trader owner 
    --> Commodity com1
    --> Consumer consume
    --> Supplier[] supplier1
    o Rating rating optional

This order is created when OrderPlaced transaction is called and that should create relationship between the list of suppliers.

I was trying the code below for a single supplier

order.supplier = factory.newRelationship(namespace, 'Supplier', OrderPlaced.supplier.getIdentifier());
Mar 28, 2018 in Blockchain by Shashank
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  1. Is your transaction actually called 'OrderPlaced' (in your code) ?? In your code this order is created when placeOrder transaction is called.

  2. Also, because you've defined an array of relationships to Supplier, the `factory' statement should probably be:

 order.supplier = factory.newRelationship(namespace, 'Supplier', placedOrder.supplier[0].getIdentifier());
answered Mar 28, 2018 by Johnathon
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selected Aug 3, 2018 by Omkar

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