Getting a text of elements in div tag having same class name

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There are 38 div tags in my web application and I want to get the text present in each div tags.following is the code:-

<div class="w-100 dt pa2 f7"> //this is parent div class

<div class="bg-white-10">//sub class

<div class="dib bg-dirty-green w-100">//sublcass

<p class="pa2 ma0 fl f6"> // class from where i want to capture the text

<span class="v-mid">Mega Contest - 20</span> </p> //this is the text which i want to capture.

I tried the following code: -

WebElement wb = driver.findElement(By.xpath("/html/body/div[1]/div/div/div[2]/div[3]/div[3]")); //CONTEST_TABLE

List<WebElement> list = driver.findElements(By.xpath("//*[@class='pa2 ma0 fl f6']")); //NUMBER_OF_CONTEST

    int rc=list.size();


    for(int i=0;i<rc;i++)


        WebElement Contest_Name= list.get(i).findElement(By.xpath("//*[@class='pa2 ma0 fl f6']"));

        String name = Contest_Name.getText();



I am getting "Mega Contest - 20" 38 times...

May 17, 2018 in Selenium by Martin
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Basically,there is no need to retrieve element in List Array, You can get it single time:


if span class has Unique name,

If its common class name you can also use the following parameter of xpath condition:

 //p[@class='pa2 ma0 fl f6']//following::span[@class='v-mid']
answered May 17, 2018 by Samarpit
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