What are Tenants in UiPath Orchestrator?

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I want to know what does tenants mean in UiPath Orchestrator and what do they do?
Apr 4 in RPA by Brijesh

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Hello @Brijesh, the Default tenant is also automatically created when installing Orchestrator, as your first tenant. Each tenant has a tenant admin, created as a local user which has the Administrator role. The tenant admin cannot be deleted or disabled, but you can edit its information. Multitenancy (multiple tenants can be created by same user) enables you to isolate data, with only one instance of Orchestrator. This feature facilitates automating different departments from your company and ensures the desired authorization of Orchestrator data per department. However, please note that all the data is stored in the same database.

A tenant can be enabled or disabled at any point, in the Tenants page, by the System Admin. If you are logged in with a tenant different than the default one, its name is displayed in the User menu, along with the username, next to the Alerts notification icon.

Multitenancy is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. The Become a tenant option in the login page is disabled. To display this option, select the Enable tenant registration check box in the host Settings page.

The following Orchestrator components are separated by tenants:

  • Processes
  • Packages
  • Assets
  • Queues
  • Schedules
  • Robots
  • Environments
  • Jobs
  • Logs
  • Alerts
  • Audit
  • Settings (including licenses)
  • Users
  • Organization Units (if enabled)
  • Machines
answered Apr 4 by Abha
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