Python pandas: TypeError: Index(...) must be called with a collection of some kind, 'Email' was passed

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I am trying to create a Pandas Dataframe and the code I am using is as follows:


When I run this line, I get the below error:

TypeError: Index(...) must be called with a collection of some kind, 'Email' was passed

Please help

Mar 28, 2019 in Python by Shri

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The syntax is not right. The right syntax is as follows:

answered Mar 28, 2019 by Tina
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answered May 19, 2019 by anonymous
Same as above answer!
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It is not working because your code is not correct please try to this type of code I think so its working


I hope it is working because I face this type of problem.

Try this.
answered May 12 by anonymous

edited May 13 by Gitika

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