Hyperledger Fabric Errors in Deliver and Broadcast services

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Hello, I have create successfully a multi-org, multi-vm native(without docker) setup.

1VM = Peer1Org1

2VM = Peer1Org2

3VM = OrdererOrdererOrg

I successfully create, join channel and install, instantiate, invoke and query an example chaincode, from both vms and all results are the same, query and invoke works fine. However in orderer logs an error about deliver and broadcast appears.

  • 2019-02-21 17:52:00.022 UTC [common/deliver] Handle -> WARN 01a Error reading from rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled

  • 2019-02-21 18:21:17.899 UTC [orderer/common/broadcast] Handle -> WARN 01c Error reading from rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled.

What about those errors? and why i am getting an error even the deliver and broadact services are seem to work(because i get the correct results)?

P.S. Peers logs have no errors. I made the certificates using Fabric CA but without TLS.

Feb 22, 2019 in Blockchain by Cha

Did you use configtxgen on each VM to generate the genesis block?

What do you mean? Genesis block can generate only once. How am i generate from multiple vms?
Are the Genesis header data hash the same on all the VMs?

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