RabbitMQ SSL Settings

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So I have the RabbitMQ, installed on my system with a static IP and a domain name. I'm using letsencrypt to generate SSL certificates for rabbitMQ. However, rabbitMQ is not working when I attempt to enable the SSL port

My configuration settings are given below:

listeners.ssl.default = 5671
ssl_options.cacertfile = (path to cacert.pem)
ssl_options.certfile = (path to cert.pem)
ssl_options.keyfile = (path to key.pem)

Am i doing something wrong here?

Feb 18, 2019 in IoT (Internet of Things) by Upasana
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You can only generate domain validation certificates using Letsencrypt. And they work in a web server only. 

Try using websockets. Then, the web server shall be able to use your LetsEncrypt certificate.

answered Feb 18, 2019 by Shubham
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