Components of Amazon VPC

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What are the components of Amazon VPC? Can someone explain in details as what are the components of Amazon VPC.
Feb 9 in AWS by Dinesh

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In AWS the VPC cosists of the following components:-

  • Subnet: A segment of a VPC’s where you can place groups to isolated resources.
  • Internet Gateway: VPC side of a connection to utilize public Internet.
  • NAT Gateway: A highly available, managed Network Address Translation (NAT) service for your resources in a private subnet to access the Internet.
  • Virtual private gateway: The Amazon VPC side of a VPN connection for secure transactions.
  • Peering Connection: To route traffic via private IP addresses between two peered VPCs.
  • VPC Endpoints: Enables private connectivity for your service in AWS without using an Internet Gateway, VPN, Network Address Translation (NAT) devices, or firewall proxies.
  • Egress-only Internet Gateway: A stateful gateway that provides egress only access for IPv6 traffic from the VPC to the Internet.

answered Feb 11 by Raj
Hello Raj can you help me with egress and egress only internet gateway
Hello @Shashank, An egress-only Internet gateway is a VPC component that can be horizontally scaled, is redundant, and is highly available. IT allows outbound communication over IPv6 from instances in your VPC to the Internet, and also prevents the Internet from initiating any IPv6 connection with your instances. It is used for IPv6 internet traffic only. I hope your doubt is clear.

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