WA With the wings of the technology constantly broadening the field of development

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According to the history, in the Internet era, digital currency is the corresponding currency form.

In 2009, a group of technical geeks invented Bitcoin, a decentralized cryptographic digital currency, with the the ideal of freedom to change the drawbacks of banknote issuance. This has an epoch-making significance in the history of human currency, which fully opened the  digital age of  currency.

Just like every stage of the history of currency, after the birth of a new currency form, there will always bring about a series of changes.

The network system in which Bitcoin runs is also the underlying technology - blockchain technology.

After the birth of Bitcoin, in addition to setting off a rough waves in the financial industry, there was also an unexpected surprise - blockchain technology.

While the breaking news of Bitcoin continues, people have found the advantages of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, information transparency, high degree of autonomy, data not being tampered with, traceability and other advantages, which can solve many problems that cannot be solved by current technology. Untie the currency and blockchain, the blockchain technology is applied to many fields. As a result, the blockchain plus was proposed and the blockchain technology has been developed overwhelmingly.

Of course, some people have proposed the concept of blockchain + finance, and there is the application of blockchain technology in the financial field.

In fact, in the pursuit of the trend, people forget what the blockchain technology originated from?

It is the new digital currency form - Bitcoin - derived from blockchain technology, it was the birth of bitcoin that gave birth to block-chain technology, rather than blockchain technology give birth to produce bitcoin. Therefore, blockchain technology has already achieved its application in the financial field at the moment of the birth of Bitcoin.

The landing of blockchain technology in the entire financial sector is only the era of the new currency form, it is only the new currency form after the emergence of horizontal driving the current era, and bring about the financial sector change.

In the future, digital banking, public blockchains, digital wallets, exchanges, etc. will become daily familiar things.

Not just finance, blockchain technology has penetrated into many fields.

Take WA as a example, as a platform token issued by the world's first trading platform Wafcoin to hold the dual-license, WA has many advantages: insist on the mechanism of holding coins to get dividends, referral dividends, and never increasing the number of quantity, and with a down-to-earth manner to seek a common good for the users. On the one hand, WA has improved the shortcomings of “predecessor coins” such as Bitcoin, focusing on the improvement of its own value and serving the users and investors in a down-to-earth manner.

Wafcoin has reached a deep strategic cooperation with Newbuy Mall, the world's first cross-border e-commerce provider that supports token settlement. All the tokens that are  circulated on WA and the platform can be consumed in the mall, which constantly stimulates the value of WA. Recently, WA has taken another step forward and aimed at the real estate and tourism industry, marching in this new direction.

In the future, the blockchain will not only affect the financial industry;

In the future, the development of WA is not limited to the present!

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