print instance 0 id TypeError list object is not callable

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import boto3
ec2 = boto3.resource('ec2')
instance = ec2.create_instance(
    ImageId = 'ami-009d6802948d06e52',
    MinCount = 1,
    MaxCount = 1,
    InstanceType = 't2.micro')
print (instance[0].id)
Jan 18, 2019 in Python by Suraj
Do you have a default VPC?

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Hey @Suraj, For me its working fine. You need to verify that have you verified aws credentials or not?

This is the code I used for creating an Instance.

The instance Id was displayed as an output for ec2.create_instance

Here is the instance created.

Give me some more details on your error so that I can suggest you the solution.

answered Jan 18, 2019 by Priyaj
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Thank you for the reply Priyaj.

This is what I receive when I tried to print the Instance Id. As I have few more instances, I tried it as print(instance(4).id) as well. This being the 5th yet the same response. Can you help further?

Hey @Suraj you just print the instance and the index. You don't use .id.

See this:-

The instance variable here is of type list. hence you have to use

print (instance[0].id)

To get the id of the required index instance.

Hope it helps.

Hey @Suraj,

The code that you are using is correct but when you are implementing it you are changing 

print (instance[0].id) 


print (instance(0).id) 

This will work fine.

The code you have mentioned in the question and the code used in the screenshot is different. In the screenshot, you have used 

print (instance(0).id)

To address the index of a list, you have to use square brackets. Try this:

print (instance[0].id)
Thank you that helped me :)
Hello @Suraj, glad you found the solution.

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