Report function outputs in R programming

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I'm using the pcaPP package in R and i have the following code:


x  <-  rbind(rmvnorm(200,  rep(0,  6),  diag(c(5,  rep(1,5)))),
             rmvnorm(  15,  c(0,  rep(20,  5)),  diag(rep(1,  6))))

pc  <-  PCAproj(x)

This is the documentation for the output value of the PCAproj function:

The function returns a list of class '"princomp"', i.e. a list
similar to the output of the function 'princomp'.
    sdev: the (robust) standard deviations of the principal components.

loadings: the matrix of variable loadings (i.e., a matrix whose columns 
          contain the eigen- vectors). This is of class "loadings":
          see loadings for its print method.

  center: the means that were subtracted.

   scale: the scalings applied to each variable.

   n.obs: the number of observations.

  scores: if 'scores = TRUE', the scores of the supplied data on the
          principal components.

    call: the matched call.

My question is how can I return the other outputs of PCAproj like sdev and then report those in R-studio?

Jan 14, 2019 in Data Analytics by Tyrion anex
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In your case, you've stored the output in pc.

Use the interactive mode and type pc$sdev and pc$loading to see their outputs:

> pc$sdev
  Comp.1   Comp.2
2.425413 1.346727

> pc$loadings

   Comp.1 Comp.2
V1  0.972  0.153
V2 -0.201  0.447
V3        -0.130
V4        -0.211
V5         0.739
V6 -0.109  0.412

               Comp.1 Comp.2
SS loadings     1.000  1.000
Proportion Var  0.167  0.167
Cumulative Var  0.167  0.333
answered Jan 14, 2019 by Sophie may
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