How does selenium webdriver works?

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What is the working of selenium webdriver? What happens at the backend when we use selenium commands?
Jan 7, 2019 in Selenium by Anjali
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When the automation script is implemented, the subsequent steps happen:

  • for every Selenium action or command, an HTTP request is formed and sent to the browser driver
  • the HTTP request is sent to the browser driver
  • the HTTP server determine the steps required to implement the Selenium action that corresponds to the request
  • the HTTP server executes such prior steps on the browser
  • the HTTP server sends back the status to the automation script

The browser driver executed Selenium commands that follow all types of actions that users execute usually on web pages, few examples of using webpage can be as follows:-

  • open a web page
  • click buttons and links
  • navigate through the browser history
  • maximize the browser
  • type text in textboxes
  • get status of web elements
  • get information of web elements (attributes, value, position)
  • select values in lists and dropdown lists
answered Jan 7, 2019 by ritwik

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