Selenium can t find button

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Here is the HTML:

<button id="getCoupon" class="getCoupon" onclick="IWant()" style="" data-i18n="view_prod_get_coupon">Get Your Coupon</button>

I have been trying these ways of finding the button:

1. driver.find_element_by_id('getCoupon').click()
2. driver.find_element_by_xpath('//*[@id="getCoupon"]').click()
3. driver.find_element_by_class_name('getCoupon').click()

None of them seemed to work. Any ideas?

Jan 1, 2019 in Selenium by Sebastian
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recategorized Jan 1, 2019 by Vardhan 2,568 views

Hey @sebastian, here you can try using 

driver.findElement(By.linkText("Get Your Coupon")).click();
@sebastian did it work?

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