Getting error while running a XML file in TestNG

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org.testng.TestNGException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 5; columnNumber: 8; Element type "test" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".

This is the error I am getting while executing a XML file for testNG.

Here is the code that I used:

<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "" >

<suite name = "TestNG">

    <test = "Testing TestNG">
            <class name = "testNG.AnnotationsDemo"/>


Can someone  help?

Dec 26, 2018 in Selenium by Sradha
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Hello @Sradha,

The synatx of using test is not correct.

The syntax goes like this




<test name = "name ">


Error that you are getting is because you missed the name tag in your test.

Hope this helped.
answered Dec 26, 2018 by Rashmi

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