How to use css selector in selenium using Java

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I am new to selenium and want to know as how we find elements using ID Locator there is CSS Locator also how can I use that to locate an element?
Dec 21, 2018 in Selenium by Jino
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Hello @Jino,

CSS Selector is pretty easy to use. Here is a detailed way of using the ID locator (CSS Selector).

Here's an example where we would access the “Email” text box present in the login form at

The Email textbox has an ID attribute whose value is defined as “Email”. Thus ID attribute and its value are often wont to create CSS Selector to access the e-mail textbox.

Creating CSS Selector for web element

Step 1: Locate/inspect the web element (“Email” textbox in our case) and notice that the HTML tag is “input” and the value of the ID attribute is “Email” and both of them collectively make a regard to the “Email Textbox”. Hence the above data would be wont to create CSS Selector.

Verify the locator value

Step 1: Type “css=input#Email” i.e. the locator value within the target box up the Selenium IDE and click on on the Find button. Notice that the e-mail Text box would be highlighted.​


css=<HTML tag><#><Value of ID attribute>

  • HTML tag – it's the tag which is employed to denote the online element which we would like to access.
  • # – The hash sign is used to symbolize ID attribute. It is mandatory to use hash sign if ID attribute is getting used to make CSS Selector.
  • Value of ID attribute – it's the worth of an ID attribute which is being accessed.
  • The value of ID is usually preceded by a hash sign.

Hope this helps.

answered Dec 21, 2018 by Nabarupa

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