What does file permission 755 mean

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I am going through a demo that asked me to change the file permission to 755. I did it by using this command:

chmod 755 filename

I am new to Linux, I know the binary format of chmod But I am not understanding what does 755 set the permission to. Please explain

Dec 21, 2018 in Linux Administration by slayer
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777 permission on the directory means that everyone has access to read/write/execute (execute on a directory means that you can do an ls of the directory).

755 means read and execute access for everyone and also write access for the owner of the file. When you perform chmod 755 filename command you allow everyone to read and execute the file, the owner is allowed to write to the file as well. So, there should be no permission to everyone else other than the owner to write to the file, 755 permission is required.

answered Dec 21, 2018 by Omkar
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File permission 755 means that the directory has the default permissions -rwxr-xr-x (represented in octal notation as 0755).

7=rwx 5=r-x 5=r-x
answered Dec 9, 2020 by MD
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