Converting String and Float Data-types

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How could I convert from float to string or string to float?

In my case I need to make the assertion between 2 values string (value that I have got from table) and float value that I have calculated.

String valueFromTable = "25";
Float valueCalculated =25.0;

I tried from float to string:

String sSelectivityRate = String.valueOf(valueCalculated );

but the assertion fails

May 9, 2018 in Java by Parth
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Using Java’s Float class.

float f = Float.parseFloat("25");
String s = Float.toString(25.0f);

To compare it's always better to convert the string to float and compare as two floats. This is because for one float number there are multiple string representations, which are different when compared as strings (e.g. "25" != "25.0" != "25.00" etc.)

answered May 9, 2018 by developer_1
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