Wait for page to load using HtmlUnitDriver

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I use HTML driver and when I run the tests and want to click on an element or read text, the elements can not be found. Every time a Exception is thrown I have to save the code of the Page.When I check the Code, the element is there and when I re run the test everything works fine. My guess is that the page was not completely loaded when I try to access the element. So I wait until Selenium has finished loading the page before I try to access elements.

I found two ways to achieve it:

  1. Execute Javascript (e.g. window.initComplete) and wait for the result to be true. 

  2. Wait for the last element on the page to load 

Any suggestions ?

May 7, 2018 in Selenium by Atul
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You can create a custom ExpectedCondition

public static ExpectedCondition<Boolean> waitForLoad() {
    return new ExpectedCondition<Boolean>() {
        public Boolean apply(WebDriver driver) {
            return ((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript("return document.readyState").equals("done");
answered May 7, 2018 by anonymous

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