Check palindrome in Python

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I'm trying to check for a palindrome with Python. The code I have is very for-loop intensive.

def isPalindrome(n):

    lst = [int(n) for n in str(n)]
    if l==0 || l==1:
        return True
    elif len(lst)%2==0:
        for k in range (l)
        while (k<=((l-1)/2)):
            if (list[]):

for i in range (999, 100, -1):
    for j in range (999,100, -1):
        if isPalindrome(i*j):

I'm missing a lot of code here

PS: The problem is: Find the highest value product of two 3 digit integers that is also a palindrome.

Nov 14, 2018 in Python by Jino
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A pythonic way  and the most simplest way to determine if a given value is a palindrome:

str(n) == str(n)[::-1]


  • We're checking if the string representation of n equals the inverted string representation of n
  • The [::-1] slice takes care of inverting the string
  • After that, we compare for equality using ==
answered Nov 14, 2018 by Theodor
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