Hyperledger Composer Error Object with ID assetID 0138 in collection with ID Asset org acme mynetwork Sensor

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my model is this:

namespace org.acme.mynetwork
asset Sensor identified by assetID {
    o String assetID
    o String Frequency
    o String longitude
    o String latutide
    o String name
    --> Spectrum range
participant Spectrum identified by SpectrumId {
    o String SpectrumId
    o String Spectrumval

transaction SpectrumChange {
    --> Sensor sensor 
    --> Spectrum newrange

My sample.js file contains:

 * Track the trade of a commodity from one trader to another
 * @param {org.acme.mynetwork.SpectrumChange} Change - the spectrum to be processed
 * @transaction
function Spectrumupdate(spectrumChange) {
    spectrumChange.sensor.range = spectrumChange.newrange;
    return getAssetRegistry('org.acme.mynetwork.Sensor')
        .then(function (assetRegistry) {
            return assetRegistry.update(spectrumChange.sensor);

When I test is I am getting this error: Error: Object with ID 'assetID:0138' in collection with ID 'Asset:org.acme.mynetwork.Sensor' does not exist 

How can I solve this?

Nov 14, 2018 in Blockchain by digger
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1 answer to this question.

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Remove 'assetID:' from your test string.

For example,

'org.acme.mynetwork#assetID:0138' becomes 'org.acme.mynetwork#0138'
answered Nov 14, 2018 by Omkar
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