How to send sms to users from Django application

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I'm looking for an option to send otp to users's registered mobile number irrespective of country when they login.

I tried with twilio(trial version) but it sends msgs from 9am to 9pm and also messages will be send only to a number verified by  twilio.

As per my understanding twilio doesn't support this feature for all countries. Any help appreciated.
Nov 13, 2018 in Python by Manu
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@Manu yes you are correct Twilio sends message only to twilio verified numbers.

You can use Google service api known as pygooglevoice
Thanks Priyaj. I will try this.

I used pygooglevoice but I was getting below error.", line 75, in login
  galx ="type=\"hidden\"\s+name=\"GALX\"\s+value=\"(.+)\"", content).group(1)
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'

I tried few workarounds but it did not work. I implemented the functionality using Twilio Authy api.

Hey @Manu. I tried this and it worked:

import sys;
from googlevoice import Voice

voice = Voice()

phoneNumber = "+919886185535"
if (phoneNumber == ""):
    print("Hi there")

text = sys.argv[1:]
if (text == ""):
    print("You must specify a message.")

voice.send_sms(phoneNumber, text)

Hello Mr.Manu. I am facing the same problem with pygooglevoice. Could you please tell me how you implemented it using Twilio Authy api. Thank you.
@Manu the link that you sent has good content. How are you using it in your case?

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