Ethereum function completed not event not showing up

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I have the following contract:

Contract Store{

    event Purchase(address buyer, int item_id);

    struct Product {
        string name;
        uint price;
        string desc;
        uint quantity;
        bool enabled;

    mapping (address => int) balances;

    function buyProduct(uint id) returns(bool){
        if(products[id].quantity <= 0){ return false; }

        balances[msg.sender] = balances[msg.sender] - int(products[id].price);
        Purchase(msg.sender, id);
        return true;


When I use web3 to purchase a product with Store.buyProduct, the product purchase is made, but the event doesn't fire on the front-end. Here is my event watcher code:

var eventFilter = Store.deployed().Purchase({from: "0xe02b4fc50f429624937e9425e1243292857291e2"}, {fromBlock: 0, toBlock: 'latest'});, event){
Oct 24, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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Are you passing the right arguments with right datatypes?
answered Oct 24, 2018 by Omkar
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Oh ya. I was passing unit but I had to pass int. It works now, thanks

answered Oct 24, 2018 by slayer
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