AWS SNS Topic subscription filter account limit

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The following documentation says this :-

SNS Filtering Messages Documentation

By default, you can have up to 100 filter policies per AWS account per region. To increase this limit, submit an SNS Limit Increase case.

What does 100 filter policies mean? Does it mean you can have 100 different keys all across your subscriptions? Or does it mean you can only have 100 subscriptions with filtering policies? (I don't think it is latter, but need to make sure)

Oct 24, 2018 in AWS by findingbugs
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I guess you can only have 100 different subscriptions with policies. 

It makes unusable for a scenario like when you want to send messages to some mobile devices based on a filtering criteria. You should have max 100 clients which doesn't make any sense.

answered Oct 24, 2018 by Priyaj
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