Writing a UTF-8 file with Java

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I have the below code which creates a 1252 codepage file, but I need a UTF-8 file. Can someone guide me, how to get a UTF-8 file out of this?

var res = new java.io.FileWriter( new java.io.File( path )),

        text = new java.lang.String( src || "" );
    res.write( text, 0, text.length() );
Oct 15, 2018 in Java by v.liyyah
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You can make use of a FileOutputStream rather than using a FileWriter. Further, you can put it within an OutputStreamWriter that will help you in encoding the constructor as well. Also, make sure to write this code within a try with resources Statement as follows:

try (OutputStreamWriter osw=
             new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream(PROPERTIES_FILE), StandardCharsets.UTF_8))
    // your code
answered Oct 15, 2018 by anto.trigg4
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