How to check java version in linux

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What are the steps to determine the version of Java installed on a Linux system, and how can one ensure that the detected version is correctly configured for use?
Oct 27, 2023 in Java by Saniya
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Checking your Java version on a Linux machine can be done through the terminal using the following steps:

1. Open Terminal: You can open the terminal by searching for it in your system's applications menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut `Ctrl` + `Alt` + `T`.

2. Check Java Version: Once the terminal is open, type the following command and press Enter:  

     java -version

This command will display the version of Java that is currently in use on your machine.

3. Check All Installed Java Versions (Optional):
   If you have multiple versions of Java installed, you can use the following command to list all installed Java versions:

     update-java-alternatives --list

This will display a list of all installed Java versions along with their installation paths.

4. Check the Default Java Compiler (Optional):
   If you want to check the version of the default Java compiler (javac), use the following command:

     javac -version

This will display the version of the default Java compiler.

These commands should provide you with the information you need regarding the Java version(s) installed on your Linux machine.

answered Nov 2, 2023 by anonymous

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