Why main method is static in Java

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Why is the `main` method in Java required to be static, and what is the significance of this static keyword in the context of the `main` method?
Oct 18, 2023 in Java by Saniya
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In Java, the `main` method is required to be `static` because it is the entry point of a Java program, and this requirement serves several important purposes:

1. Entry Point: The `main` method is the first method that gets executed when a Java program is started. It is where the program begins its execution. Because there is no instance of the class created when the program starts, the method must be `static` to be called without an object.

2. Class-Level Method: By declaring the `main` method as `static`, it becomes a class-level method, meaning it belongs to the class itself rather than any specific instance of the class. This is essential because there is no object created when the program starts. It allows you to call the method without having to create an instance of the class, which is the typical behavior when working with instance (non-static) methods.

3. Simplicity: Keeping the `main` method `static` simplifies the program's entry point. You don't need to instantiate the class before calling `main`. This makes it straightforward for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to locate and execute the `main` method without worrying about object creation.

4. Consistency: Having the `main` method as `static` ensures a consistent entry point for all Java applications. Regardless of the class and application, you always know where to find the `main` method.

Here's an example of a typical `main` method signature:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Your program logic goes here

In this example, `public` is the access modifier, `static` indicates that it's a class-level method, `void` specifies that it doesn't return a value, and `String[] args` is an array of command-line arguments that can be passed to the program.

By having the `main` method as `static`, Java ensures a consistent and straightforward entry point for all its applications, making it easy for the JVM to start the program without needing an instance of the class.

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