How do i get started in Cyber Security

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I'm looking to make a career change because manufacturing just doesn't sound like a good life-long commitment. I've always been interested in cybersecurity, but always been terrified of failure until recently. I started taking the IBM Cybersecurity Analyst class on coursera and am about halfway through it now. I've been looking into what certifications to get and am also studying for the sec+ and net+ certs. How can I make a transition to get an entry level role in a new career field? Would a college education benefit me more, or do companies only care about the knowledge and certifications? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying my best to network and utilize all resources I can find to have the best chance of success.
Apr 19, 2023 in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking by anish
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Getting started in cybersecurity can be a challenging but rewarding journey. Here are some steps you can take to begin:

  1. Develop a strong foundation in computer science: A solid understanding of computer science basics like programming, data structures, algorithms, and computer networks will help you grasp the concepts of cybersecurity.

  2. Learn about the different areas of cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a broad field that encompasses many subfields, such as network security, cryptography, incident response, and ethical hacking. Research and explore these areas to figure out which interests you the most.

  3. Earn relevant certifications: Certifications can help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in cybersecurity. Some popular cybersecurity certifications include CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

  4. Participate in cybersecurity competitions and challenges: These events can help you gain hands-on experience in cybersecurity, network with other professionals, and develop your problem-solving skills.

  5. Consider an internship or entry-level job in cybersecurity: This can provide you with practical experience and help you develop a professional network in the industry.

  6. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field, so it's important to stay informed about new threats and technologies. Attend conferences, read industry publications, and participate in online communities to stay informed.

Remember, becoming a cybersecurity professional is a journey that takes time and dedication. But with the right skills, certifications, and experience, you can build a rewarding career in this exciting field.

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answered Apr 19, 2023 by Edureka
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