Extending auto-generated Amplify Datastore classes with factory constructors

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The base model generated through AWS Amplify Studio:

class Patient extends Model {
  static const classType = const _PatientModelType();
  final String id;
  final String? _name;
  final String? _family_name;
  final TemporalDate? _dob;
  final Gender? _gender;
  final double? _height_in_inches;
  final List<Assessment>? _Assessments;
  final TemporalDateTime? _createdAt;
  final TemporalDateTime? _updatedAt;

  const Patient._internal({required this.id, required name, required family_name, required dob, required gender, required height_in_inches, Assessments, createdAt, updatedAt}): _name = name, _family_name = family_name, _dob = dob, _gender = gender, _height_in_inches = height_in_inches, _Assessments = Assessments, _createdAt = createdAt, _updatedAt = updatedAt;
  factory Patient({String? id, required String name, required String family_name, required TemporalDate dob, required Gender gender, required double height_in_inches, List<Assessment>? Assessments}) {
    return Patient._internal(
      id: id == null ? UUID.getUUID() : id,
      name: name,
      family_name: family_name,
      dob: dob,
      gender: gender,
      height_in_inches: height_in_inches,
      Assessments: Assessments != null ? List<Assessment>.unmodifiable(Assessments) : Assessments);
  Patient.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json)  
    : id = json['id'],
      _name = json['name'],
      _family_name = json['family_name'],
      _dob = json['dob'] != null ? TemporalDate.fromString(json['dob']) : null,
      _gender = enumFromString<Gender>(json['gender'], Gender.values),
      _height_in_inches = (json['height_in_inches'] as num?)?.toDouble(),
      _Assessments = json['Assessments'] is List
        ? (json['Assessments'] as List)
          .where((e) => e?['serializedData'] != null)
          .map((e) => Assessment.fromJson(new Map<String, dynamic>.from(e['serializedData'])))
        : null,
      _createdAt = json['createdAt'] != null ? TemporalDateTime.fromString(json['createdAt']) : null,
      _updatedAt = json['updatedAt'] != null ? TemporalDateTime.fromString(json['updatedAt']) : null;

I want to create an extension class GaitPatient. But, I am running into this error,

I am currently looking at using Patient.fromJSON constructor, but a bit hesitant about using that because it doesn't seem to be the cleanest... what are my options here?

Feb 16 in AWS by Ashwini
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