Choosing Domain Name for IoT Device

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So when I build in the factory my super-sensor which would be sending its metrics every 30 seconds to AWS IoT via MQTT, I have to bake into the device a DNS domain name to which the sensor will be connecting.

AWS IoT suggests using endpoint in the form <random-string> for me would look like

Here's slightly formatted output of dig which shows that after few redirects this domain name resolves to 6 IP addresses, which seem to be load balancers.


RESOLVES TO IPs: 50 IN A 50 IN A 50 IN A 50 IN A 50 IN A 50 IN A


There're two concerns I have:

  • When I am implementing the MQTT communication in C for my PIC microcontroller, my DNS resolver is confused by that many IPs that a single domain can resolve to. And at the moment I don't know if I can fix that. For the moment my solution is - to create my own domain name and point it to one of the IP addresses. Is there a better option?

  • How reliable is it to bake into bake into my device this hostname? What if I want to switch change IoT stack in 2-3 years and switch to different technology/provider?

Sep 27, 2018 in IoT (Internet of Things) by Matt
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Yes, I would avoid revealing an 'internal' AWS hostname. You should also avoid fixing to a single IP address. In AWS IP addresses can change rapidly and get re-assigned to other customers.

The solution is to indeed use your own domain name, which you have control over, but to use a DNS CNAME record. CNAME

It may even be worth baking different hostnames into different device firmware versions, so if there is a problem with one you can re-point it at a different endpoint, or cut it off completely, if it is damaging your services.

I have had good experiences with using Route 53, Amazon's DNS service. Which may also result in fewer DNS requests from your device to get to the end IP address.

answered Sep 27, 2018 by anonymous2
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