Python regex for selecting multiple lines of code

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I want to develop a Python Regex that can choose a complete Terraform resource block. I want to choose each resource block separately when there are several of them in a file (see example below).

The following regexes have been tested. When there are numerous closing brackets in the code, the first one becomes tangled. The second one simply chooses the entire file.

1) match ='resource.*?\{(.*?)\}', code, re.DOTALL)
2) match ='resource.*?\{(.*)\}', code, re.DOTALL)

Sample file:

resource "aws_s3_bucket_notification" "aws-lambda-trigger" {
  bucket =
  lambda_function {
    lambda_function_arn = aws_lambda_function.test_lambda.arn
    events              = ["s3:ObjectCreated:*"]
    filter_prefix       =  var.prefix
    filter_suffix       =  var.suffix
resource "aws_s3_bucket" "newbucket" {
    bucket = var.bucket_name
    force_destroy = true
    acl = var.acl_value

Jan 24, 2023 in AWS by Tejashwini
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