Visualize the full chess board from the library python-chess on line command

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I am working a chess game based on this library: or

On Jupyter Notebook, if I run this code:

import chess
board = chess.Board()

It will display a nice board (i.e. with colors, shape, looking like a chess board). If I run like this:

import chess
board = chess.Board()

It will display the board in a much more rudimental way with letters.

The problem is that the only way of seeing the nice board, using the "board" command, is if I am using Jupyter Notebook. If I try to run on Visual Studio or line command the command "board" nothing will happen. It seems that the line command will not support the use of "board" (from their website: Supports Python 3.6+ and PyPy3.IPython/Jupyter Notebook integration).

Is there a way around this? In other words, can I still run "board" on command line and visualize the nice chess board?

Nov 22, 2022 in Python by sarit
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