How Selenium capture webpage errors?

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I am using Selenium with C# and NUnit to make a test system for a web application stage. 

The stage can toss exemption if something turns out badly. 

I am pondering that is there a route for program/page to advise Selenium that an exemption is tossed so I can utilize selenium to catch and record the special case as opposed to keeping Selenium checking website page and js comfort?

Sep 20, 2018 in Selenium by soujanyabargavi
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Seems like you're working on some really advanced test case :p

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Selenium capture webpage errors by url verification.

Step 1: We need to open a web page and fetch all elements having href attribute.

Step 2: As there are more than 500 links in those pages, it takes very long to check all URL’s. So basic multi-threading works very well. So we create 30 thread to fetch all URL’s.

Step 3: Our threads have the basic implementation of HTTPClient and make a GET request to URLs.

Step 4: In case of HTTP response is other than 200, we add this URL to a list to be able to report them after the test execution.

Step 5: After all the links are controlled, we check our error list. In case the list is not empty, we fail with an assertion.

answered Oct 30, 2018 by martint
It helped me. Thank You @martin

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