Creating a private public key with 64 characters that are already known using bitcoinjs

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So I'm trying to create a private/public key from 64 characters that I already know using bitcoinjs with the code below:

key = Bitcoin.ECKey.makeRandom();

// Print your private key (in WIF format)
// => Kxr9tQED9H44gCmp6HAdmemAzU3n84H3dGkuWTKvE23JgHMW8gct

// Print your public key (toString defaults to a Bitcoin address)
// => 14bZ7YWde4KdRb5YN7GYkToz3EHVCvRxkF

If I try to set "key" to my 64 characters instead of "Bitcoin.ECKey.makeRandom();" it fails. Is there a method or library that I overlooked that would allow me to use the known 64 characters in order to generate the private key in wif format and the public address?

Sep 10, 2018 in Blockchain by digger
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You should use fromWIF method to pass your own data.

from source code of eckey.js

// Static constructors
ECKey.fromWIF = function(string) {
  var payload = base58check.decode(string)
  var compressed = false

  // Ignore the version byte
  payload = payload.slice(1)

  if (payload.length === 33) {
    assert.strictEqual(payload[32], 0x01, 'Invalid compression flag')

    // Truncate the compression flag
    payload = payload.slice(0, -1)
    compressed = true

To create WIF from your key please follow Here is interactive tool

answered Sep 10, 2018 by slayer
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var address = eckey.getBitcoinAddress().toString();

var privateKeyBytesCompressed = privateKeyBytes.slice(0); 
var privateKeyWIFCompressed = new Bitcoin.Address(privateKeyBytesCompressed);
privateKeyWIFCompressed.version = 0x80;

privateKeyWIFCompressed = privateKeyWIFCompressed.toString();
answered Sep 10, 2018 by Misty

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