Parallel uploads to the same s3 bucket directory with s3cmd

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I try to run the following code but index.js turns out to be corrupted.

Any idea why?

gzip dist/production/index.js
mv dist/production/index.js.gz dist/production/index.js

s3cmd --access_key="$S3_ACCESS_KEY" --secret_key="$S3_SECRET_KEY" \
      --acl-public --no-mime-magic --progress --recursive         \
      --exclude "dist/production/index.js" \
      put dist/production/ 
      "s3://${BUCKET}/something/${BUILD_IDENTIFIER}/production/" &

s3cmd --access_key="$S3_ACCESS_KEY" --secret_key="$S3_SECRET_KEY" \
      --acl-public --no-mime-magic --progress --recursive         \
      --add-header="Content-Encoding:gzip" \
      put dist/production/index.js 
      "s3://${BUCKET}/something/${BUILD_IDENTIFIER}/production/" &


Notice the & in the end of the two commands that makes two uploads to the same location in parallel.

Sep 5, 2018 in AWS by bug_seeker
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Is your problem is not with the line?

cp dist/production/index.js.gz dist/production/index.js

You are copying gzipped file, not the plain index.js text file.

Hope it helps.


If you are doing it on purpose why not maintain the gz extension. Extensions does lot of things when you handle with browser.

cp dist/production/index.js.gz dist/production/index.js.gz

If you use plain s3 to download and verify the hash, they should be the same file. I did verify it.

answered Sep 5, 2018 by Priyaj
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