Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network from scratch

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I've been studying the Hyperledger Fabric framework by reading the docs for quite a while now but I'm getting a little lost in the middle of all that info. My question is: Is there any guidelines/"Step by step" on how to design a blockchain network from scratch? If you are starting a new project, where do you start?

Because I think I would understand it way quicker if I actually started coding a little instead of reading and reading and reading...

Thanks a lot!
Apr 7, 2022 in Blockchain by Rahul
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Try playing with configtx.yaml, crypto-config.yaml and docker-compose files to customize your network and understand what you are doing. Customize your organizations, your consortiums, your ordering service, your peers... Create your channels, join them, update your anchor peers and understand what you are doing.

After that, if your network had one orderer, deploy a new one with more than one (with Raft consensus). If your network was using cryptogenic, deploy a new one using Fabric-CAs instead. Or you can follow by playing with chain codes.

answered Apr 11, 2022 by Soham
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