Unable to login into Tableau Services Manager - PAM authentication failed

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On Amazon AMI2, I put up tableau. I am able to connect to Tableau Server, however I am unable to log in to TSM (Tableau Server Manager). Nothing occurs when you input your login and password and click the sign-in button. In TSM controller, I see the following logs.

PAM service 'login' failed to authenticate user 'tsm-admin': pam authenticate failed with the following error: Failure to authenticate
I verified that the user tsm-admin exists and is a member of the tsmadmin group. It may also login as a sudo user. I saw the post below that discusses this issue, and I attempted the methods suggested there, but to no avail. https://community.tableau.com/s/question/0D54T00000YuX6aSAF/connexion-to-tsm-webapp-or-tabcmd-failed-failed-to-authenticate-user-tsmadmin-with-pam-service-login-pamauthenticate-failed-authentication-failure

Is there a way to make TSM login work?
Mar 17, 2022 in Tableau by Vaani
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I believe the problem stems from the absence of a password for the user you're trying to log in with (as Diego explains in the link that you have provided).
You may get around this constraint by authenticating your user with pam userdb, but be warned: it's not pretty:
Install the db4 and db4-utils packages.

# yum install db4-utils db4

Make a Berkeley database containing your administrative users and passwords.

The user must be known by the host and most likely a member of the group (tsm-admin should suffice in your instance), and the password must be associated with it.
To be read by pam userdb, the db file must have a.db extension.
The database must be viewable by the tableau instance's unprivileged user (tableau in the example below, adjust according to your needs)


# sudo mkdir -p /etc/tableau/ && cd /etc/tableau
# sudo nano tsm-admins.txt # put one line with the user and one line with the password
# sudo db4_load -T -t hash -f tsm-admins.txt tsm-admins.db
# sudo rm tsm-admins.txt
# sudo chmod go-rw tsm-admins.db
# sudo chown tableau:tableau tsm-admins.db

Create the /etc/pam.d/tableau module with the following content: Warning: the missing .db extension of the db parameter is not a miss, it will be added automatically by the module.

auth       required       pam_userdb.so db=/etc/tableau/tsm-admins
account    required       pam_userdb.so db=/etc/tableau/tsm-admins

You should then be able to access your TSM UI.
You can add a debug parameter to the pam_userdb line for additional logs in /var/log/secure, you can read about it in the documentation

You may find something useful in the Tableau error messages located in the tableau_server/data/tabsvc/logs/tabadmincontroller/ logs.

answered Mar 22, 2022 by Neha
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