Sending CoAP requests using Python

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Just like sending an HTTP request, can I also send CoAP requests with Python? Although I got a lot of errors, this is how I tried to do it first:

rec = reuest.get(coap://localhost:5683/other/block)

Is there another way? Or am I missing something?

Aug 24, 2018 in IoT (Internet of Things) by Bharani
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It can be done using a library like CoAPython as your CoAP client:

from coapthon.client.helperclient import HelperClient

client = HelperClient(server=('', 5683))
response = client.get('other/block')

'response' is an instance of the type Response and its available methods are listed in the documentation, which you'll need to build.

Whatever you need to do with the response, just use the documentation to figure out its methods and get the desired results.

answered Aug 24, 2018 by nirvana
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Send CoAP requests using Python

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