Iterable forEach vs foreach loop

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Which of the following is better practice in Java 8?

Java 8:

joins.forEach(join -> mIrc.join(mSession, join));

Java 7:

for (String join : joins) {
    mIrc.join(mSession, join);
Aug 21, 2018 in Java by samarth295
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The advantage comes into account when the operations can be executed in parallel.

  • The main advantage from my point of view is that the implementation of what is to be done within the loop can be defined without having to decide if it will be executed in parallel or sequential

  • If you want your loop to be executed in parallel you could simply write

     joins.parallelStream().forEach(join -> mIrc.join(mSession, join));

    You will have to write some extra code for thread handling etc.

answered Aug 21, 2018 by Parth
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