How to add a new item to a dictionary in Python

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I want to add an item to an existing dictionary in Python. For example, this is my dictionary:

default_data = {
            'item1': 1,
            'item2': 2,

I want to add a new item such that:

default_data = default_data + {'item3':3}

How can I achieve this?

Jan 4 in Python by Roshni
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default_data['item3'] = 3

Easy as py.

Another possible solution:

default_data.update({'item3': 3})

which is nice if you want to insert multiple items at once.

answered Jan 4 by Gitika
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Adding Items in a Dictionary

Adding an item to the dictionary is done by using a new index key and assigning a value to it:


thisdict = {
  "brand": "Ford",
  "model": "Mustang",
  "year": 1964
thisdict["color"] = "red"

answered Jan 4 by Nikita
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There is no add() , append() , or insert() method you can use to add an item to a dictionary in Python. Instead, you add an item to a dictionary by inserting a new index key into the dictionary, then assigning it a particular value.

answered Jan 4 by Reshma

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